When is the best time to shop? 

Weekdays are our favorites for appointments. The boutique is reserved just for you with no time limit! The shop is calmer and quieter. Finding your wedding dress is the perfect reason to take a vacation day! 


How far out should I purchase my gown?

Once your venue is booked and you can get the people together whose opinions mean the most to you, dress shopping is next, but preferably at least 6 months out. It is never too early to commit to your gown! It sets the tone for the wedding and is the biggest lifted weight once you can check your dress off of your list.  For less than 6 months, we can still find you something in our store, but there may be rush charges or limited sizes available from the designer. For less than 3 months, see our Off-The-Rack options and get a great deal.


What if I don’t know what style I want?

That’s perfectly ok! It is not uncommon for brides to come to us with absolutely no idea of what they are looking for. Our seasoned stylists will lead you through the process, and we promise the experience is relaxing, fun, and unforgettable. Our goal is to leave you feeling cared for, celebrated, and beautiful!


What is your Price point?

Our gowns start at $1000. The majority of our gowns are priced between $1500-2300. We have taken much time searching for the designers who offer the best fabrics, designs, and a fair price point to carry in the store. If these prices are a little out of reach, check out our Off-The-Rack page for an opportunity to find a beautiful gown at a fraction of its original cost. 


How many people should I bring with me?

Trust us on this one! It can be so hard to hear your own thoughts and opinions when all eyes are on you. We recommend limiting your group to no more than 4 (2-3 is best!). We want your appointment to be all about you, and we won’t rush you or push you to make a decision. Having a smaller group enhances the feeling of having this experience be all about you. We do understand that some brides have too many important people to leave anyone out, and if that is the case be sure to call us so we can work together to accommodate your group.


What sizes do you carry?

Standard to this industry, we carry one sample of each dress. Most of our samples range from size 8 to size 14, but we do have some samples up to size 18. We always tell our brides to trust the process, let us use the tricks up our sleeve to show you how the dress will look in your size.


Do you offer alterations?

We work with the best seamstresses in Knoxville. With over 15 years of experience in this industry, we’ve found that the most talented seamstresses have their own businesses and we want our brides to work with the best! We will walk you through the process and make sure you know what to expect. We’re your advocate, and even once your dress has left our store, we’re available to help or offer advice. We generally recommend budgeting $300-400 for alterations, depending on what you will need. 



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